Infinitive OS is the operating system that powers your PC. It allows you to do things you simply can't do with other computers. This is because it is designed to give the best performance and the best optimization on any PC. Infinitive OS comes with a whole suite of app with an attractive design. It makes your PC run like magic with your Android Phone. And it was built from the ground up with privacy and security in mind.
Easy to Use
When it’s simple to do everything, you can do anything.
On Infinitive OS, everything is designed to work as expected, from its use with simple and intuitive gestures to voice search on Google Chrome. Whatever you want to do on your PC, there is much less to learn and much more to accomplish.
KDE Connect
With the KDE connect function you can see notifications, answer calls, control your multimedia from your phone, share files, pinging your devices and much more.
New features
The new apps of Infinitive OS
Search and discover with Google Chrome, Write email and contact your friends with mailispring and synchronize your notes with simplenote.
Check your PC memory with filelight, search for new apps, games and much more on discover, optimize your PC with stacer.
Productivity. Create beautiful documents with extraordinary simplicity. View your data accurately and convincingly in spreadsheets with images, text and shapes. Make noteworthy presentations using powerful graphic tools and dazzling cinematic effects to bring your ideas to life.


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